INM-001    02-27-2019     NM-GOP Chairman Steve Pearce - Welcome - Guest Audio: Otero Co. Comm. Couy Grisson
                                             Topics: "Cowboys for Trump," NM Legislation, Border, Gun Bills, Budget, Abortion 

  INM-002    03-06-2019    NM-GOP Chairman Steve Pearce discusses the 60-day New Mexico legislative session;
                                            Topics: Tax legislation, gun legislation, abortion and more.

 INM-003    03-13-2019     NM-GOP Chairman Steve Pearce reviews the latest developments, bills and actions at
                                            the New Mexico Legislature. Mr. Pearce reviews some of the latest actions coming out of
                                            Washington D.C., plus we welcome Arkansas Congrfessman Rick Crawford (R-AR-1).

 INM-004    03-20-2019     NM-GOP Chairman Steve Pearce discusses the 2019 60-day legislature session that just
                                            ended in New Mexico. We discuss some of the bills that passed, and some that did not.
                                            Mr. Pearce also discusses the national trend by Democrats wanting to move toward socialism.     

INM-005    03-27-2019     NM-GOP Chairman Steve Pearce covers the latest state and nation issues this week.
                                           Topics: Federal judge blocks oil and gas drilling in Wyoming.  Mr. Pearce discusses how this action
                                           could affect New Mexico in the future.  Mr. Pearce also discusses legislative issues in New Mexico,
                                           taxes, guns, abortion, rights and petitions intended to undue legislation that was passed in 2019.

INM-006    04-03-2019    NM-GOP Chairman Steve Pearce comments on the crisis on New Mexico's souther border.
                                          He also discusses the closing of the CBP checkpoints, as well as the new fence project
                                          coming to the Columbus, New mexico area.  He also cover the signing of right-to-worl legislation,
                                          as well as the release of the new movie, "Unplanned." Topics: Border, legislation and abortion.

INM-007   04-10-2019   NM GOP Chairman Steve Pearce ccomments on multiple topics this week, including: Four Democratic
                                         Senators protecting kittens and not babies, crisis on the Southern Border,  Cubans on the border,
                                         Pressident Trump  .vs a border shut-down, U.S. Homelan Security Secretary Nielsen departs, U.S.
                                         and New Mexico economy stats up, rising wages, Fracking, NM legislatures wrap-up, bills passed
                                         and vetoed, plus commentary on the "Electorial College Vote Loss" for New Mexico.

INM-008  04-17-2019   NM GOP Chairman Steve Pearce discusses the violence in New Mexico, especially directed at children.
                                         We discuss healthcare, and an attempted take-over of America's health system to provide Medicare
                                         for all. Mr. Pearce comments on the many current border issues, as well as possible penalties for
                                         Mexico.  he also discusses SB-8, the lack of NM-SOS to accept citizen's petitions, and healso
                                         comments on the NM AG Hector Balderas' warnings to New Mexico police officers to enforce SB-8.
                                         Mr. Pearce also discusses the same-day voter and  DMV voter registration.

INM-009  04-24-2019   NM GOP Chairman Steve Pearce discusses several points from the Mueller Report. He also discusses
                                        healthcare. Mr. Pearce comments the border crisis. He covers an array of issues and comments from
                                        President Trump. He discusses Mexican soldiers confronting and dis-arming several U.S. Troops, as
                                        well as commenting on armed and dangerous drug cartel members smuggling migrants into America. 
                                        We also discuss the legal battle going on between LGBT forces the Catholics Adoption Agencies in

INM-010  05-01-2019    NM GOP Chairman Steve Pearce covers a wide array of topics this week. First, the former U.S.
                                        Congressman looks at political pork barrel projects, corrupt politicians and he comments on the
                                        fugitive mayor of Baltimore, MD. We also discuss the New Mexico governor's recent poll numbers,
                                        and Mr. Pearce discusses some political history of New Mexico. He also comments on his  demand
                                        that the New Mexico Secretary of State resign her position if she runs for a U.S. Senate seat.
                                        Finally, Mr. Pearce has kind words for Manuel Lujan, who just passed. He also comments on the
                                        border crisis, and the tragic crimes that come with it.

INM-011  05-08-2019    NM GOP Chairman Steve Pearce covers a number of topics this week, including, voter fraud
                                        in neighboring Texas, causing concerns about New Mexico's new voter registration legislation,
                                        Senate Bill 672 and 278. We also, one more time, cover the Mueller update, and we take a look at
                                        Venezuela. We also take a long look at our Southern Border, as well as updating the State of the
                                        State, including recent developments in reassigning U.S. Border Patrol Officers, local sheriffs,
                                        the push to house illegals in New Mexico minicipalities.

INM-012  051519          NM GOP Chairman Steve Pearce discusses a number of topics on this week's radio program.
                                        Mr. Pearce discusses the unrest in South America, and how it is affecting New Mexico, in addition
                                        to causing the flow of illegals to America.  WE also discuss the border, candidates claiming that climate
                                        change is affecting farming in South America causing people to defect to America. More topics include:
                                         impeachment rhetoric, Spaceport America and New Mexico campaign finance issues.